It's just me!

It's just me!
Hello world!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Warm Wednesday

Hello everyone, wasn't todays weather just gorgous!!!! Hope everyone has had a good day. I am slap worn out from work and had to come home and do laundry, why it seems I can never catch up on that I don't know. My little Jersey man greated me at the door yellping and bouncing around he is the sweetest little thing. I want to give a shout out to my sister Karen, her birthday is tommorrow she was an April Fools baby... trust me folks I gave her a hard time growing up, but that was what little sisters where for but I love her and hope she has a wonderful birthday!Here I go again with another potatoe what a surprise right!

Tator Tot Casserole
1 lb hamburger meat browned
1 chopped green pepper
1 chopped onion
1 bag of tator tots unfrozen
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1/4 cup of milk
3/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
Brown onion and pepper with hamburger, put in baking dish, cover with layor of tots
mix soups and milk and pour over tots, cover with cheese, bake 350 for 45-60 minutes... very yummy

I wish everyone a happy rest of the work week, may it fly by, take care and God Bless!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Misty Monday

Hello my friends it has been a misty day, but the weather is going to improve this week I hope. I want to start out by thanking everyone that has became a follower or posted such nice comments, they make a newby feel welcomed. Just got back from picking up my daughter from work, she works her butt off at a local retail store here in our town, I am very proud of her, but then of course she came home and I had to feed I have decided today to post a non potatoe recipe since it seems that I am overly fond of potatoes, this one was my mothers we fondly called Pink Stuff, but it just depends on what color jello you use, could be orange stuff, or green stuff etc.

2 cans of Fruit Cocktail drained
1 container of Cottage Cheese
1 container of Cool Whip
1 box of any flavor Jello unprepared
Mix all ingredients together, and then just refrigerate, easy peasy.....

I hope everyone has had a great start on the new work week, I am off one more day then back at it, take care and God Bless!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Soggy Sunday

Hello everyone, just got home from work and it's pouring the rain, computers went down and we got to leave early....woooo whoooo my LPH is safe for two more weeks only time will tell. Got home and the house looks like a bomb hit it thanks to the hubby and the I may have to line them all up and shoot them. I'm off work for the next two days and I hope they drag by. Am pondering on some crafts to make so hopefuly soon I'll have something done. Hope everyone has had a great weekend off, mine has just began!Take care and God Bless!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally Friday!

Hello my friends it is friday..... wooo whooo, even tho I have to work the next 2 days I am off Monday and Tuesday, so congrats to those of you who get the weekend off. Work was soso today, I finally passed quota but it may not be enough to raise my LPH (leeds per hour) for the week, tomorrow will tell.The newest baby in the family is wondering around, and we have the kids this weekend, so they are loving him to I have decide today to post my Bacon Mashed Potatoes, these are the bomb as my oldest says.
1 Large container of sour cream
2 Large containers of chewy bacon bits
1 large bag of shredded cheddar cheese
Mashed potatoes made as usual
Mix sour cream and bacon bits with mashed potatoes, put in casserole dish top with cheddar cheese and bake 350 until cheese is melted. My whole family LOVES this, I just realized alot of my receipes are made with Guess thats what you get from being a ole country girl at heart. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! God Bless!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Hello everyone it is finally Thursday, and my hubby better be thankful that I didn't injure him when I came home and seen the puppy he brought home, but I have to admit he's as cute as a button, his name is Jersey and he weighs less then a pound. He is part jack russell terrier and part beagle. I will try to post a pic. He can fit into hubbys one pray for me people he wines...... but then again he is only 7 weeks old.I want to thank everyone that has posted such nice comments so far and has became followers of my blog, I have attempted to return the favor, but not sure if it worked if you could let me know that would be great.Work was UGH! as usual no better no worse I guess, hope all is well with everyone. I have decided to post my recipe for my Ham Roll Bites, great for an easy finger food for a party.
1 pack of ham sanwhich meat
1 pack of cream cheese room temp
1 pack of Hidden Valley Ranch Powder Dressing
mix cream cheese, dressing together, spread on slice of ham, roll ham and slice into bite size pieces, insert toothpick to hold together and chill....... very yummy!

Once I can really get this ball rolling,I will be making some crafts and having some giveaways, so please bare with me. Thannks again everyone and God Bless!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whats for Dinner Wednesday!

For tonights dinner we are having Shepards Pie, super easy and my hubby and kids love it! Now take into consideration I am feeding 6 people with this so you may want to adjust the amount you want to make.
1-2lbs of browned hamburger meat
1-2 cans of corn drained
1-2 cans of greenbeans drained
1-2 cans of peas drained
mashed potatoes made the usual way
1-2 packs of shredded cheddar cheese
Mix together hamburger, veggies, and one pack of cheese, put in baking dish, spread potatoes over mixture and top with the rest of the cheese, bake 350 until cheese melts completely.

Today was ok I guess for a Wednesday, work has been rough lately I am the ever hated the people you hate to have call you and love to hang up on, but it pays the bills "barely", they are getting a little ridiculous with the rules at work, they make them up as they go along, they schedule your breaks for you, now our lunches, and now who you can set by. Oh well, things could be worse I guess, hope everyone has had a great day, and enjoyed this beautiful weather..... Take care and God bless!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hutch and random flea market finds

Mason Jars


Material for curtains

Here are the pictures......

Mondays Makeover

I know this is Tuesday, but this is what I did Monday. I have decided to make my kitchen over in the country theme, since that seems to be the trened now, I got alot of ideas from my cousin Donna, she has already done most of her house and it looks great. I bought 5 yards of material from a local fabric store and made 3 sets of curtains and a table scarf, will attempted to post a pic, and so far it's coming together nicely. I have a hutch in my kitchen that I placed a few country themed items on one being a set of mason jars painted and decorated. Is very easy to do, just take jars and paint inside with glass paint, any color you want then stencil on the outside a star or whatever you like and tie mouth of jar with any matching fabric and maybe add a small decorative item. Also in the jar you can add a few pieces of twigs and berries, or fake ivy, which ever you like. Hope you all enjoyed this, like I said I will attempted to post pics, hope everyone had a great day!

Welcome anyone and everyone!

Welcome everyone, My name is Mary and I live in a small town in Va. I live with my wonderful husband Chris, and my 18 year old daughter Megan. My husband has 3 children from a previous marriage that I am sure you will hear about, I am still adjusting to being a step mom of 3 little ones, it's like starting all over Please bare with me as this is the first time I have tried this so any suggestions would be appreciated. I work as a CSR in our small town, am sure you will hear about that too, but am also wanting to tell or trade any ideas of crafts, cooking, and general life journeys and maybe someone out there just might think "Now why didn't I think of that" so please take a few minutes of your day and come join me on this new journey, God bless you all!